Dragon City Hacks & Cheats :- Unlimited Gold, Gems and Food

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Online gaming is an integral part of many people’s lives. They are an avenue to channel your creativity and fantasy as well as an intense source of entertainment.

Dragon City is an incredibly popular game. Players get to breed and nurture various species of fighter dragons so they can fight and claim victory on the battle field.

Additionally, building your own universe on a floating island is not something you’ll ever do in real life, so why not experience it in graphic 3D?

Why Do You Need Dragon City Hack?

dragon city requires you to create an eco-system that is favourable for breeding and nurturing your baby dragons. This means food, fire, water, and other basic essentials.

You also need to breed, cross-breed, and even acquire dragons with particular skills that may be lacking from your family.

All these requirements consume tons of in-game currency which is usually in form of Gold Coins and Gems.

How to Get Free Dragon City Gems

The internet is rife with Dragon City Free Generators that promise unlimited Gems and Gold. For the most part, these generators do not work.

Truth be told, the best and most genuine way to get free Dragon City Gems is sheer hard work.

Rule of Thumb: Do not waste your Gems on non-issues like décor, speeding up breeding, hatching, and farming. Instead, work on earning more Gems because you will need them for more important things.

  1. Log-in Every Day

In the spirit of dedication, if you login daily, or better yet several times every day, you get free Dragon City Gems.

  1. Dragon City on Social Media

By simply subscribing to Dragon City’s various social media platforms, you earn one-off Gems. There are other ways to utilize Dragon City social media pages to help you gain more rewards. These include;

  • Facebook Daily Calender

As of January 2019, Dragon City began a reward scheme on Facebook called the Daily Calender. The Daily Calender offers all kinds of rewards including Food, Gold, and Gems.

All you have to do is check daily and collect the rewards of the day!

Also, do not forget to participate in the Dragon City Facebook Roulette. You never know; you may end up winning 50 Gems, absolutely Free!

  • Monday Reward Bonus

Additionally, there is a Monday Reward Bonus every week for players who are using PC.

Every Monday, you get to click one among three buttons. Each button has a reward in store and you just have to cross your fingers and hope it’s a big one.

Reward Number 1:

You can get Elementary Dragons. They are not just any dragons, the choices available are as shown below.

Reward Number 2:

In either of the buttons, you may find 5,000 Gold coins. What a boost!

Reward Number 3:

You may also be lucky enough to find 5 Gems by simply clicking on a button.

  • Deus Daily Bonus

Deus Daily is a mini-game within Dragon City that plays more like a gamble. In the Deus Daily Bonus Challenge, you need to select a card that shows a picture to reveal you reward.

This mini-game is for players who stay logged-in for 24-hour days. The game randomly reshuffles cards on a board and you have to choose one. Winning is purely based on luck but if you do win, it’s a whopping 50 Gems!

Rule of Thumb: These rewards only apply if you are using a PC as opposed to a mobile device.

  1. Freebie Island

On the mobile front, there is such a thing as Freebie Island. This is a platform where you can earn free Gems and Gold by completing simple tasks like watching videos, trying out a beta App, or taking a survey.

Freebie Island is lousy with promotional offers and special tasks to earn you extra Gems and Gold coins. However, you have to complete their tasks while following the instructions to the letter; or you won’t get your reward.

Rule of Thumb: Freebie Island is run by 3rd-party vendors. So, make sure you understand the terms and conditions before engaging.

  1. Invite Friends to Play Dragon City

Did you know you can earn Gems by simply inviting your friends to play Dragon City? Well, its true!

Send your invites from Dragon City’s main App. However, to earn your reward, you friends have to accept the invite in a specific way and also play the game past Level 15.

  1. Take Part in Dragon City Quests

In case you didn’t know, after completing each quest, you are rewarded with some Gems.

Each time you complete a quest, the reward goes up. For example, upon completing the first quest, you will be rewarded with 2 Gems. Keep completing the quests and by the time you get to the 30th Quest, your reward will be up to 12 Gems!

Never feel like completing quests is time wasting, No! Each quest is a wonderful learning curve and a great way for you to gain experience.

  1. Play the Game

Dragon City is very engaging. Wherefore, there are lots of battles and challenges that you can participate in to earn Gems and Gold.

The best part about this is that these engagements are part of playing the game, so you won’t be taking any time away from building your dragon empire.

  • Participate in PVP or Combat

Rewards and honor come from battling and winning. PVP is the Dragon League where you get to fight other players’ dragons.

You earn 3-6 Gems for every 8 wins in PVP. This reward applies to players using a mobile device.

If you are playing on a PC, you get 2 Gems for battling and winning against 7 opponents.

Even though the rewards seem meagre, you can have up to three battles every 6 hours. If you win all your battles for the day, you will have a total of 8 Gems a day or roughly 56 Gems in a week!

There is a total of 400 battles in a league.

  1. Experience Points

Experience points, better known as XP are also a great way to earn free Gems. The more experience you gain, the more likely that you will earn Gems.

Earning experience is also known as Leveling Up. It is crucial to level up as soon as possible because some Dragons require a certain level to reach their full potential.

However, you can only earn 1 Gem at a time.

Rule of Thumb: A great way to Level up fast is to build farms and habitats and then sell them. Food is very important in Dragon City so having a Big Food Farm is a huge plus.

Growing loads of food is also a cheap way to level up. This is because in addition to having well-fed dragon babies, you can sell or gift your extra food to friends. Find food that grows fast and can be harvested without hassle, for example Hot Dragon Chillies and Dragon Bells.

Breeding can also earn you Experience and fast. For the breeding tree, wait until it’s on offer, so you can get yourself a Deal.

  1. Touching Jewelem’s Tower

Jewelem’s Tower is an icon that unlocks at Level 12. Apparently, it is made up of jewels. So, all you have to do is touch it once every 24 hours and you shall receive 1 Gem as a reward.

  1. Play and Win Tournaments

You earn 2 Gems for every tournament you win. You can have 2 tournaments a day depending on your dragon and the cool-off period you are required to wait before getting into another battle.

So, in total you can earn 4 Gems per day translating to 28 Gems a week!

  1. Gems as Gifts

It is true that friends can gift you Gems. If you are in dire need, you can request your friend for some help and they can gift you all kinds of things including Food, Gold, and even Gems.

  1. Completing the Dragon Book Collection

Dragon City rewards avid fandom who complete a collection according to the Dragon Book.

Once you complete your Dragon Book Collection, expect a Gem reward.

Now that you are appraised on the different fun ways you can earn free rewards, we are positive you will have more fun as you exploit our GENUINE Hacks.

About Dragon City Free Generators

We would like to reiterate that NOT ONE, BUT ALL the generators you see online claiming to give you unlimited Gold and Gems are SCAM!!!

Do not be fooled into engaging in these generators because they will not only increase your chances of being banned from Dragon City, but they will also steal and misuse your personal information.

Final Thoughts

Dragon City is a phenomenal game to be enjoyed for years with friends. We believe if you play the game genuinely and earn your rewards with dignity, victory is more satisfying.

We would love it if you share your thoughts and experiences about Dragon City. If you have any additional hacks, we would love to hear them.